Trackers by State

Trackers that service the selected state:

Randy Vick
Pavo, GA

JJ Scarborough
Macon GA, Talullah LA,Vicksburg MS, GA

Timothy Goode
Carrollton, GA

Terry Waid

logan duke

Eric Snipes
Douglas, GA

Damon Bungard
Spencer, TN

Matthew Klemic
Dallas, GA

Bill Collins
Talking Rock, GA

Lowell Mcmullan
Adrian, GA

Michael Lopez
Montrose, GA

Brad Gill
Eatonton, GA

Ken Parker
Williamson, GA

Lyle Avis
Fortson, GA

Jason Bell
Homerville, GA

Kevin King
Evans, GA

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.