Trackers by State

Trackers that service the selected state:

Ken Parker
Williamson, GA

Randy Vick
Pavo, GA

JJ Scarborough
Macon GA, Talullah LA,Vicksburg MS, GA

Kathryn Presley
Cumming, GA

Scott Lopez
Fort Valley , GA

Taylor Farrow
Cordele, GA

Jay Martin
Glennville, GA

Tony Luker
Dothan, AL

Lyle Avis
Fort Benning , GA

Temple, GA

Judy Catrett
Buena Vista, GA

michael lopez

Mike Schlapa
Resaca , GA

logan duke
Helena, MT, MT

Eric Snipes
Douglas, GA

Joseph Vondracek
Newnan, GA

Nicholas Friedrich
Loganville, GA

Kenneth Mullins
Perry, FL

Clay Edmondson
Monroe, GA

Raddie Miliner
Bluffton, GA

Brad Gill
Eatonton, GA

Ben Kennon
Covington to Handcock, GA

Brandon Trammell
Griffin, GA

Damon Bungard
Spencer, TN

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.