Tracker Profile


Michael Jones
Linwood, NC 27299

Home Phone: 336-479-0462
Cell Phone: 336-479-0462

I have been whitetail hunting for over 30 yrs, mainly with a bow. In November of 2016, my youngest daughter, shot a nice buck with no exit wound. We did not have a dog then, and tracked the deer that night and decided to come back in the morning. Found it the next morning so did coyotes. The search for a tracking dog began and lead us to game tracker from Texas. Both parents are used in game recovery. In May of 2017, we picked up "Pearl" and a bonus "Della", story in that, from Merworth, Texas. They have been trained with 2hr, 4hr, and 8 hr+ lines and we responsible for few recoveries as pups in fall of 2017. We look forward to what the future holds for our Blue Lacy Trackers.