David Abrams

Greenwood, IN 46142

Home Phone: 317-409-9456
Cell Phone: 317-409-9456

I have been a deer hunter for over 30 years. Last season I lost a nice buck and called upon UBT Tracker Johathon Beachy. I was amazed by what his dog Sally could do. She covered the same ground in just minutes that we had taken hours to cover tracking without her. She went straight to the first bed and then located the buck shortly after. I knew right then I wanted to train a Bloodhound myself to help other hunters. Bella will be 1 year old when the 2019 deer season starts. We are located in Greenwood, IN. I lay trails for her to practice on at least 1x/week using legs and hoofs and she is doing great! We are looking forward to her first real deer recovery this season. Please do not hesitate to call or text even if you know where your deer is. Bella needs all the experience she can gather this season.