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Luke Flint
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No one likes to lose an animal that they've worked hard for. Maybe none more so than me. But anyone that spends enough time in the wood will tell you that it is bound to happen to even the best of us eventually. After arrowing and losing a bruiser of an Illinois white-tail I've felt the sinking pit in my stomach that comes from losing an otherwise hard earned trophy. That deer was later recovered just 50 yards from where we lost blood, and roughly 150 yards from where he was shot. I decided that I was not going to let that happen again.

Enter Bandit, a purebred Bluetick with a championship pedigree. Bandit is a prey-driven, hard-working, heat-seeking missile on a trail. He is both smart and stubbornly persistent in locating his game. It can be plain ol' fun to watch. I am confident that if I had Bandit or a dog like him on that cold peak-rut day I would have found that deer, fed my family and had him hanging on my wall as a full-shoulder mount.

That deer was recovered the following spring. Even with a few squirrel-knawed tips it scored 168". His sun bleached skull now sits on my book shelf and, in addition to captivating Bandit's attention every time he walks by, serves as a constant reminder of why we do what we do. We do this professionally and would love to aid in recovery of what you've worked so hard for.