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TJ Cuff
Newton, NJ 07860

Home Phone: 973-903-3834 text me
Cell Phone: 973-903-3834 text me

I live in Sussex County, NJ & have been a hunter for 10+ years. I've had easy hunts and difficult hunts, two of which the deer were never recovered and two of which it took full day efforts to find them. It is a terrible and helpless feeling to not be able to recover a deer, and I want to be able to help others in having a successful outcome if they find themselves in that situation. My new Pup will come home this fall and I intend to hit the ground running, with the ability to successfully track wounded game by fall 2021. I would like to assist hunters in and surrounding Sussex County NJ, and possibly extend into PA & NY (we'll cross that bridge when it's more realistic). For now I'm excited to join this organization and look forward to learning & becoming a quality tracker.
Update- Vada is doing well with basic training tracks. We're not ready to pass a certification test yet, but she has potential to become a good one.
*please text me if you need me!