Tracker Profile


George Loveless
Lehi, UT 84043

Home Phone: 801-319-7682
Cell Phone: 801-636-9287

FREE BLOOD TRACKING SERVICE. I have a youtube channel and love making tracking videos.
Best to text me: 801-636-9287, Secondary phone: 801-319-7682

I'm usually available 60 minutes outside of Lehi Utah for free. If you really need help further out I'll have to charge something for my time.

Thanks, happy to help.

Tips for recovering your animal:
- For best results get a dog on the track as soon as possible. Under 8 hours is best. Over 24 hours is often to long.
- Once you loose the blood track get a dog on the track before proceeding any further. Clean tracks are easier to track...Bloody boots walking a grid pattern will make things more difficult for the dog... but still recoverable.
- Gut shots: wait at least 10-12 hrs and don't pressure the animal. It will usually lay down closer than you think and is easily recoverable if there's a clean track there.
- Mark known blood track with tissue or TP and clearly mark your last know blood.