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Brett Monzyk
Shawnee, KS 66226

Home Phone: 5735786941
Cell Phone: 5735786941

I've been deer hunting (archery and rifle) for about 25 years and have owned a tracking dog for 6 years. He was originally a bird hunting dog, but I've come to enjoy the tracking aspect of his training. For his utility test we had to run a 400 meter blood track that we got a 4/4 on. The training for this and the usefulness in my hunting was what drew me in to focus on the blood tracking. We train on it throughout the year, and I typically will run a track for friends and family. Even if it's a good shot we still run them for practice for me and him.

Blood tracking is a team effort. Being able to read the dog, the blood, and the lay of the land all come into play on the track. Having trained him since he was a puppy, we've developed a great hunting relationship. Feel free to reach out if you're looking for assistance or even want to bounce a few questions thoughts off someone else.