Tracker Profile


Ken Parker
Williamson, GA 30292

Home Phone: 7702283105
Cell Phone: 770-468-5459

I am located just west of Griffin Ga. I use Bavarian Mountain Bloodhounds for tracking. They are a breed just for tracking wounded game. My primary area of coverage is Lamar, Pike, Spalding, NE Meriwether, S Fayette, SE Coweta and S Clayton counties. Depending on my work schedule I will travel further. I charge a minimum of $80 to show up. When the animal is found then it is an additional $20. I have been around the Bavarian Mountain Bloodhounds since 2000 and have been tracking with my own since the 2003 hunting season. I can be reached by cell 770-468-5459.

You can read more about my dogs and our experience at or