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Brian Calvert
Camby, IN 46113

Home Phone: 317-413-5658
Cell Phone: 317-413-5658

Dixie and I have been tracking now for 2 and a half years. Im 45 yrs old and i use to drive a semi locally in indiana for 24 years and now I’m self employed. Dixie is a 3 yr old bluetick coonhound. She is trained to track deer, find shed antlers, and she’s a therapy dog. Dixie and I travel around the Midwest to outdoor shows where she’ll make appearances in booths and we give seminars and demos on deer recovery with dogs and shed hunting. Dixie also does a lot of therapy dog visits for veterans organizations, nursing homes , and for kids . You can learn more about Dixie on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages by searching Dixie The Praying Dog!