Trackers by State

Trackers that service the selected state:

Bradley Baker
Sharps chapel, TN

Heath Brown
Bailey, CO

Damon Bungard
Blacksburg, VA

Rachel Crume
Louisville, KY

Tony Dempsey
Owenton, KY

William Hostetler
Auburn, KY

Caleb Huskin
Signal Mnt, TN

Tami Machiele
Dorr, MI

Kimberly Melton Hall
Bardstown, KY

Chris Morris
Vermontville, MI

Loren Roe
Prospect, TN

Rodney Schutz
Evansville, IN

Christian Shelnutt
Shelbyville, KY

Al Sherman
Batesville/Oldenburg, IN

Natalie Spalding
Coxs Creek, KY

Kenzie Taylor
Madisonville, KY

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.