Nova Scotia

Wildlife Act

(7) It shall be an offence for the owner of a dog, or person in control of a dog, while training it, to fail to prevent it from chasing or pursuing a deer or moose.

(8) Despite subsection (7), a person may use a dog to track and recover a wounded deer, moose or bear if:

(a) The deer, moose or bear was wounded by a person hunting it pursuant to a valid hunting licence for that species and in accordance with the Act and regulations;

(b) The hunter who wounded the deer, moose or bear is the dog’s handler or accompanies the dog’s handler during the tracking and recovery of the wounded animal; and

(c) The dog is on a leash that is held by the dog’s handler at all times when the dog is in a wildlife habitat. Subsection 9(8) added: O.I.C. 2004-222, N.S. Reg. 162/2004.