North West Territories

Definition of ‘hunt’ – hunt”, “hunting” in respect of wildlife includes any of the following actions while in possession of a firearm, bow and arrow or crossbow, whether or not wildlife is wounded or killed:

(a) Attracting or lying in wait for wildlife,

(b) Searching for, following after or on the trail of, stalking, pursuing or chasing wildlife,

(c) Driving, flushing or worrying wildlife,

(d) Shooting at, wounding or killing wildlife.

Retrieval of dead or wounded game

53. Subject to the regulations, a person who wounds or kills game or other prescribed wildlife shall make every reasonable effort to retrieve the wildlife and, if it is alive, to kill it.

68. (1) No owner or other person shall release, allow to escape or otherwise allow domestic animals or captive wildlife to run at large and harass big game or other prescribed wildlife, or to run at large in a way that is likely to endanger big game or other prescribed wildlife.