There is no mention that a dog can not accompany a person while hunting or recovering or making the attempt to recover big game. They only speak to the harassment (running after) of wildlife by dogs.

(2) A person shall be deemed to harass wildlife if the person

(b) is the owner of a dog, or has a dog in his or her charge, and allows the dog to run after or molest a big game animal, specially protected wildlife, or a fur bearing animal.

Definition of ‘hunt’ – “hunt” includes to shoot at, attract, search for, chase, flush, pursue, follow after or on the trail of, stalk or lie in wait for wildlife, or to attempt to do any of those things, whether or not wildlife is then or subsequently wounded, killed or captured, with the intention to wound, kill or capture wildlife;

(b) While in the possession of a firearm or other weapon, except that “hunt” does not include trap; « chasser »