From the 2024-25 Digest:
Tracking is a part of hunting as defined by Pennsylvania law. While it’s
not unusual for hunters to be following blood trails after legal hunting
hours, those doing so or otherwise tracking wounded game after hours
or on closed season days should call the Game Commission’s Central
Dispatch Center (1-833-PGC-HUNT) so dispatchers can authorize the
activity and notify the appropriate game warden that tracking is taking
place. As of the publication of this digest, it is unlawful to use a
drone in any part of hunting, including tracking and recovery of game.
Leashed tracking dogs can be used to aid in the recovery of a deer,
bear or elk shot lawfully in an open season. No permit is required.
The tracking-dog handler must be properly licensed for the animal
being tracked and wear the required amount of fluorescent orange
clothing for the season, and cannot dispatch wounded game that will
be tagged by a hunter. All laws pertaining to the taking of game apply.
A tracking-dog handler must abide by hunting hours, and notify the
Game Commission if tracking is to occur outside them. Trackers cannot
charge for their services on state game lands. Permission is needed
before entering private property.

State Regulations:

United States:

Green — Tracking allowed
Red — No Tracking allowed
Gray — Tracking allowed under certain circumstances or in certain areas of the state/province, but not all