2.1a Tracking by dogs; requirements.

Sec. 2.1a (1) A dog may be used to locate a wounded deer, elk or bear if the dog is kept on a leash or the tracker can demonstrate control of the dog under (5)(e) and, subject to section 43510,subsections (2) and (3), of part 435, hunting and fishing licensing, natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, MCL 324.43510, none of the persons in attendance possess a firearm, crossbow or bow and arrow, except as noted in 2.1a (2) and (3). If the tracking is done at night, artificial lights ordinarily carried in the hand, or on the person, may be used. The use of dogs to recover legally taken game does not authorize trespass.

(2) A licensed deer or elk hunter accompanying a dog tracker shall not have a live round in the chamber, a cocked crossbow, or bow with nocked arrow, except at the time and point of kill.

(3) A licensed bear hunter accompanying a dog tracker outside of legal hunting hours shall not have a loaded firearm, a cocked crossbow, or bow with nocked arrow except at the time and point of kill.

(4) Only a licensed hunter may dispatch and tag the wounded deer, elk, or bear.

(5) A dog tracker, when accompanying a licensed hunter, must comply with all the following:

(a) Tracker must register to receive a bi-annual permit from the department’s law enforcement division authorizing the individual to track with a dog. Tracker shall submit an application for a permit on a form or through a web-based application system furnished by the department. A permit application shall be considered only if the applicant is at least 18 years of age or older and has provided all documentation required by the department:

(b) Tracker’s name, address, telephone number, and accompanying hunter’s license information must be provided to the department’s report all poaching telephone number prior to initiating each tracking activity.

(c) Tracker has control of the dog off leash when the tracker can demonstrate knowledge of the dog’s location and a method to control the dog, which may include voice command.

(d) Tracker must contact the department’s report all poaching telephone number within 12 hours of a mortally wounded animal being dispatched or ending each tracking activity.

History: Am. 2, 2010, Eff. Feb 5, 2010; Am. 17, 2010, Eff. Aug 13, 2010; Am. 5 of 2023, Eff. June 8, 2023.

State Regulations: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr

United States:

Green — Tracking allowed
Red — No Tracking allowed
Gray — Tracking allowed under certain circumstances or in certain areas of the state/province, but not all