Tracker Profile

Jeremy Kraus

Home Phone: 607-319-3131
Cell Phone: 607-319-3131

Learned blood tracking without a dog at 16 when I started deer hunting. Got Guide and Leashed Dog Blood Tracking licensed in NY in 2018.

I have a 7 year old Cocker/Beagle mix named Zorro that I have scent trained with from 10 weeks with everything from pheasants to deer. He loves finding game!
Also 3y/o Siberian Husky named Savannah. She is nosey! As a close relative of wolves, I believe Huskies are a seriously under rated dog for blood tracking. She has some serious talent and is a big motivator for Z and it is a bunch of fun watching them work.

I currently charge 100$ to show up for at least an hour. If I feel the deer is alive or unattainable after that time, I reserve the right to call it off.

ALL of the money goes to my dogs and vehicle maintenance.