Tracker Profile

Clint Phillips
Wayland, MI 49348

Home Phone: 269-225-9905
Cell Phone: 269-225-9905

As a die-hard hunter, I understand the frustrations of loosing a deer. So when my wife told me about these tracking dogs, I pressed her to look into it. She's took the reins of this endeavor. She trains and I handle, that's how I got into deer recovery.
About my dogs; Sandy is a Plott-Walker cross. We started her on hide and synthetic blood (Dog Bone system) at home. Her field experience started with tracking deer for myself, immediate family, and close friends. From there it's history. Sandy's tracking style is a brisk walk, nose down, energetic yet close mouthed. She doesn't usually bark unless we've jumped the deer and/or the trail is "hot" Her oldest successful track was 52hrs old. We have a second dog in training now who will join us this year, Penny. Penny is a Plott hound who will be a year old in December. She has a strong drive and shows great promise for the future of our services.
We're based out of the most north-eastern corner of Allegan County. We will travel. Our prices are based on mileage, 30mi=$2/mi.