Tracker Profile

Jacob McGee
Demotte, IN 46310

Home Phone: 2194241715
Cell Phone:

We are in our first year with our GSP Willow, as well As a Drone.

We prefer to stay in our local area (with 45min) We prefer to track sooner rather then later, day or night. We will also gladly track deer that you don’t need help finding, as it’s great reassurance for the dog as a lot of of tracks go on for 100s sometimes 1000s of yards never to find anything unfortunately. The truth is most deer not recovered successfully actually make a recovery. A recent experiment found Out of 80 radio tracked deer on a hunting preserve 11 were injured and unable to be found. Of those 11 only 3 died from there wounds. The others made a full recovery. Anyways enough statistics, let’s get Tracking! Call or Text us day or Night!