Trackers by State

✅ - This tracker has passed a UBT administered tracking test.

Trackers that service the selected state:

Marie Appel   ✅ UBT Tested
Mechanicsville, IA

Jonathan Beachy   ✅ UBT Tested
Flat Rock, IL

Gary Blessing   ✅ UBT Tested
Morris, IL

Matthew Borchardt
South Beloit, IL

Craig and Pam Campo   ✅ UBT Tested
Fults, IL

Don Carpenter   ✅ UBT Tested
Illinois, IL

Kyle Carter   ✅ UBT Tested
Farmington, MO

Marion Casey   ✅ UBT Tested
Warsaw, IL

Isabella Clark
Oak Lawn, IL

Shaun Cook   ✅ UBT Tested
Georgetown, IL

Jimmy Cooper

Vicky Darnell
Joliet, IL

Marlee Dodson   ✅ UBT Tested
Sheridan, IL

Matt Duffy
Murphysboro, IL

Karen Epley   ✅ UBT Tested
Plainville, IL

Doug Fink   ✅ UBT Tested
Piasa, IL

Dan Forystek   ✅ UBT Tested
St Anne, IL

Joshua Gunn   ✅ UBT Tested
Villa ridge, MO

Eric Hinderliter
New Harmony, IN

Raymond Holohan   ✅ UBT Tested
Ashkum, IL

Dylan Johnson
Stonefort, IL

Katie Mead
Cambridge, IA

Dean Newbold
Creal Springs, IL

Mark Phillips   ✅ UBT Tested
Farmer City, IL

Cassi Quinn
Williamsfield, IL

Alan Richey

Brandon Robbins   ✅ UBT Tested
Benson, IL

Marissa Rosentreter   ✅ UBT Tested
Carrollton, IL

Joshua Ross   ✅ UBT Tested
Dittmer, MO

Rodney Schutz
Evansville, IN

Ron Slifer   ✅ UBT Tested
Watson, IL

Geoff Still   ✅ UBT Tested
Lucas, IA

Kenzie Taylor   ✅ UBT Tested
Madisonville, KY

John Then   ✅ UBT Tested
algonquin, IL

Sean Timmens   ✅ UBT Tested
Blue Mounds, WI

Dyerr, IN

Ryan Waterman   ✅ UBT Tested
Williamstown, MO

Bradley Westendorf
Dieterich, IL

Brian Wilson
Cuba, IL

✅ - This tracker has passed a UBT administered tracking test.

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.