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Mistakes Hunters Make Before Calling In A Tracking Dog

These are things that I have run into over the last few years. This is not an all inclusive list of mistakes as I am sure I will continue to see new things the more I track. The most common mistake is that hunters walk down the middle of the blood trail. Then when they…

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Adolescence By John Jeanneney ©2007 Most hunting dog people have been dismayed to see a very promising pup fall apart in its second year. I suspect that many of these young “wonder dogs” get culled and are never heard from again. Some of these culls would probably have developed into very good dogs if their…

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Getting There Before the Coyotes

Getting There Before the Coyotes By John Jeanneney January 2008 Coyotes are putting pressure on some of the traditional ways of finding wounded and dead deer in the woods. Let me explain. The North and the South, broadly speaking, have always been a bit different in some of their deer hunting traditions. The pioneer tradition…

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Staying on the Right Line

Staying on the Right Line By John Jeanneney © 2005 The hardest thing about tracking wounded deer is staying on the right line. Dogs get excited and confused just like we do sometimes, but they do have the ability to recognize other individual animals by scent just as they do people All cats and all…

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