Trackers by State

Trackers that service the selected state:

Davey & Brandy Arnold
Pisgah, AL

Bradley Baker
Sharps chapel, TN

Damon Bungard
Blacksburg, VA

Richard Crowe
Franklin, TN

Shawn Eden
Adams, TN

Kenny Frost
Johnson City, TN

Blair Holt
Hurricane Mills, TN

William Hostetler
Auburn, KY

Caleb Huskin
Signal Mnt, TN

Ray Kelly
Normandy, TN

Patrick Kraemer
Cleveland, TN

Otis Brian Lambright
Sherwood, AR

Tom Laracey
South Branch, MI

Andrew McArthur
Summerville, GA

Andrew Mullins
Springfield, MO

Tomas Munoz
Huntsville, AL

Justin Nichols
Clarksville, TN

Loren Roe
Prospect, TN

Rickey Scott
Morris Chapel, TN

Mark Skelton
Cleveland, TN

Natalie Spalding
Coxs Creek, KY

Kenzie Taylor
Madisonville, KY

Jennifer Watson
Smyrna, TN

Gretchen Wetzel
Hixson, TN

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.