Trackers by State

✅ - This tracker has passed a UBT administered tracking test.

Trackers that service the selected state:

Sue Eickelkamp & Joe Schmid   ✅ UBT Tested
Warrens, WI

Marie Appel   ✅ UBT Tested
Mechanicsville, IA

Steve Behm
Cambridge, WI

Eric Benkert
Deforest, Woodruff, WI

Linda Bennett   ✅ UBT Tested
Blue Mounds, WI

Gary Blessing   ✅ UBT Tested
Morris, IL

Johnathon Boesen
Colgate, WI

Matt Bowe   ✅ UBT Tested
Markesan, WI

Tyler Box
Richland Center, WI

Shaun Brock
milladore, WI

Graham Brunet
Fond du Lac, WI

Drop tine retrievers Carl Liddicoat
Darlington, WI

Luke Chatfield
Cedar Grove, WI

John Cismoski   ✅ UBT Tested
Seymour, WI

Sam Coe
Green Bay/Onidea, WI

Alex Conard
Green Bay, WI

Vicky Darnell
Joliet, IL

Amber Dequaine   ✅ UBT Tested
Wilson, WI

Ben Dickey
Vesper, WI

Benjamin Dougan
Cottage Grove, MN

Randy DuMez
Glenbulah, WI

Scott Gagliano   ✅ UBT Tested
Richfield, WI

Lisa Gargulak   ✅ UBT Tested
rochester, MN

Roger Glenna   ✅ UBT Tested
La crosse, WI

Eric Graves
Adell, WI

Hannah Halvorson   ✅ UBT Tested
Rush City, MN

Hunter Hemauer
Kiel, WI

Austin Hoffman   ✅ UBT Tested
Iola, WI

Jeff Jacoby   ✅ UBT Tested
Janesville, WI

Jim Johnson
Green Bay, WI

Hunter Kautz
Osceola, WI

Tim Kill   ✅ UBT Tested
Columbus, WI

Sa Lee
Oshkosh, WI

Dustin Linzmeier
Junction City, WI

David Little   ✅ UBT Tested
Woodbury, MN

Mike Luhman   ✅ UBT Tested
Deer park, WI

Anthony Malone
Union Grove, WI

Sam Mclellan   ✅ UBT Tested
Wausau, WI

Katie Mead
Cambridge, IA

Bearded Tracking, LLC - Mike Phillips
Plymouth, WI

Tina Moen
Iola, WI

Rachel Mumm   ✅ UBT Tested
Platteville, WI

Dean Muthig   ✅ UBT Tested
Clintonville, WI

Robert Nelson   ✅ UBT Tested
Stoughton, WI

Maynard Pieper
Neosho, WI

Jared Piontek
Lone Rock, WI

Justin Pollack
Camp Douglas, WI

Heather Riemer   ✅ UBT Tested
Chili, WI

Josh Routhieaux   ✅ UBT Tested
Nashotah, WI

Dave Schafhauser   ✅ UBT Tested

Eric Schmidt
depere, WI

Steven Schmitt   ✅ UBT Tested
Manitowoc, WI

Al Sherman   ✅ UBT Tested
Oldenburg, IN

Al Sherman
Mercer, WI

Shane Simpson   ✅ UBT Tested
White Bear Lake, MN

Brian Smith   ✅ UBT Tested
Wautoma, WI

Sean Timmens   ✅ UBT Tested
Blue Mounds, WI

Kevin Vollmer
Clintonville, WI

Ed Wagner
Rubicon, WI

Dalton Way   ✅ UBT Tested
Verona, WI

Shane Wiest
Stoughton, WI

Joshua Wittmann
Wild Rose, WI

Erick Wyszkowski   ✅ UBT Tested
New Berlin, WI

Jacob Zeuske
Arena, WI

✅ - This tracker has passed a UBT administered tracking test.

The closest tracking dog may be in an adjoining state. Also there are trackers working out of states that currently do not allow tracking dogs that are willing to travel to assist you in recovering your wounded animal so look there also.